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Ally the AlligatorAlmond the Bear
Amber the CatAnts the Anteater
Baldy the EagleBatty the Bat
Beak the Kiwi BirdBernie the St. Bernard
Bessie the CowBlackie the Bear
Blizzard the TigerBones the Dog
Bongo the MonkeyBritannia the Bear
Bruno the TerrierBubbles the Fish
Bucky the BeaverBumble the Bee
Butch the Pit BullCanyon the Mountain Lion
Caw the CrowCheeks the Baboon
Chip the Calico CatChocolate the Moose
Chops the LambClaude the Crab
Congo the GorillaCoral the Tie-Dyed Fish
Crunch the SharkCubbie the Bear
Curly the BearDaisy the Cow
Derby the HorseDigger the Crab
Doby the DobermanDoodle the Rooster
Dotty the DalmatianEarly the Robin
Ears the RabbitEcho the dolphin
Eggbert the ChickErin the Irish Bear
Eucalyptus the KoalaEwey the Ewe
Fetch the DogFlash the Dolphin
Fleece the LambFlip the Cat
Floppity the Lavender BunnyFortune the Panda
Freckles the LeopardFuzz the Bear
Garcia the Tie-Dyed TeddyGermania the Bear
Gigi the PoodleGlory the Bear
Goatee the GoatGobbles the Turkey
Goldie the GoldfishGoochy the Jellyfish
Gracie the SwanGrunt the Razorback
Halo the Angel BearHappy the Hippo
Hippie the BunnyHippity the Mint Green Bunny
Hissy the SnakeHoot the Owl
Hope the BearHoppity the Pink Bunny
Humphrey the CamelIggy the Iguana
Inch the WormInky the Octopus
Jabber the ParrotJake the Drake
Jolly the WalrusKicks the Soccer Bear
Kiwi the ToucanKnuckles the Pig
Kuku the CockatooLefty the Donkey
Legs the FrogLibearty the American Teddy
Lizzy the LizardLucky the Ladybug
Luke the Black LabMac the Cardinal
Magic the DragonManny the Manatee
Maple the Canadian TeddyMel the Koala
Millennium the BearMooch the Monkey
Mystic the UnicornNanook the Husky
Neon the SeahorseNibbler the Rabbit
Nibbly the RabbitNip the Gold Cat
Nuts the SquirrelOsito the Mexican Bear
Patti the PlatypusPaul the Walrus
Peace the Tie-Dyed TeddyPeanut the Elephant
Pecan the BearPeking the Panda
Pinchers & Punchers the LobsterPinky the Flamingo
Pouch the KangarooPounce the Cat
Prance the CatPrickles the Hedgehog
Princess the BearPuffer the Puffin
Pugsly the PugPumkin' the Pumpkin
Quackers the DuckRadar the Bat
Rainbow the ChameleonRighty the Elephant
Ringo the RaccoonRoary the Lion
Roam the BuffaloRocket the Bluejay
Rover the Red DogSammy the Bear
Santa ClausScat the Cat
Schweetheart the OrangutanScorch the Dragon
Scoop the PelicanScottie the Terrier
Seamore the SealSeaweed the Otter
Silver the CatSlippery the Seal
Slither the RazorbackSly the Fox
Smoochy the FrogSnip the Cat
Snort the BullSnowball the Snowman
Spangle the USA BearSparky the Dalmatian
Speedy the TurtleSpike the Rhino
Spinner the SpiderSplash the Orca Whale
Spooky the GhostSpot the Dog
Spunky the SpanielSquealer the Pig
Steg the StegosaurusStilts the Stork
Sting the RayStinger the Scorpion
Stinky the SkunkStretch the Ostrich
Stripes the TigerStrut the Rooster
Swirly the SnailTabasco the Bull
Tank the Armadillo1997 Teddy
1998 Teddy1999 Signature Bear
Brown TeddyCranberry Teddy
Jade TeddyMagenta Teddy
Teal TeddyViolet Teddy
Tiny the ChihuahuaTiptoe the Mouse
Tracker the Basset HoundTuffy the Terrier
Tusk the WalrusTwigs the Giraffe
Valentina the BearValentino the Bear
Velvet the PantherWaddle the Penguin
Waves the WhaleWeenie the Dachshund
Whisper the DeerWise the Owl
Wiser the OwlWrinkles the Dog
Zero the PenguinZiggy the Zebra
Zip the Black Cat

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