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Style #4034

Collectors around the
world were thrilled to
see the first beanie
commemorating the
Thanksgiving Holiday.
Colorful and realistic,
she is a favorite! Her
initial price of $30
reflects her scarcity
in the market as
collectors scurried to
acquire the new releases
for their collections.
Her price dropped as
she became available,
but like other holiday
beanies, will most
likely be hard to find
after retirement.

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Gobbles   the   Turkey

Gobbles the turkey loves to feast
Once a year she has a feast
I have a secret I'd like to divulge
If she eats too much, her stomach will bulge!

Gobbles the Turkey was introduced October 1, 1997.
Gobbles the Turkey retired March 31, 1999.

Her birthday is November 27, 1996.

Price Guide
4th Generation Hang Tag - $ 17
5th Generation Hang Tag - $ 13

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