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Style #4023

With three fish (Goldie,
Bubbles, Coral) retired
and the other one (Lips)
a rare limited edition,
will a new fish be
coming out with the next
set of new releases?
Time will tell.

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Goldie   the   Goldfish

She's got the rhythm, she's got the soul
What more could you want in a fishbowl
Through sound waves Goldie swam
Because this goldfish likes to jam.

Goldie the Goldfish was introduced in 1994.
Goldie the Goldfish retired January 1, 1998.

Her birthday is November 14, 1994.

Price Guide
1st Generation Hang Tag - $ 150
2nd Generation Hang Tag - $ 125
3rd Generation Hang Tag - $ 65
4th Generation Hang Tag - $ 30

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