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Style #4027

Digger the orange crab 
is now one of the most
sought after of the color
variations. According to
the early accounts from
retailers, the bright
orange color was a very
slow seller in 1994 and
1995 and several dozen
would typically be sitting
on the store shelves.

Changed from the original
orange color, Digger the
red crab became very
popular with youngsters
who liked under the sea

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Digger the crab

Digging in the sand and walking sideways
That's how Digger spends her days
Hard on the outside but sweet deep inside
Basking in the sun, riding the tide!

Digger the orange crab was introduced in 1994.
Digger the orange crab retired in 1995.

Digger the red crab was introduced 1995.
Digger the red crab retired May 11, 1997.

His birthday is August 23, 1995

Orange Digger the Crab
1st Generation Hang Tag - $ 700
2nd Generation Hang Tag - $ 600
3rd Generation Hang Tag - $ 550
Red Digger the Crab
3rd Generation Hang Tag - $ 100
4th Generation Hang Tag - $ 70

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