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Style #4204

1998 Teddy was
introduced on
October 1, 1998,
exactly one year
after 1997 Teddy
was introduced.
Both 1998 and
1997 Teddy
retired exactly
three months
from their
release date.
Will there be a
1999 Teddy and
will he continue
the pattern of
the other
Christmas Bears?

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1998 Holiday Teddy

Dressed in his PJ's and ready for bed,
Hugs given, good nights said,
This little Beanie will stay close at night,
Ready for a hug and first morning light.

1998 Teddy was introduced October 1, 1998.
1998 Teddy retired January 1, 1999.

1998 Teddy's Birthday is December 25, 1998.

Price Guide
5th Generation Hang Tag - $ 30

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