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Style #4230

Goochy the Jellyfish
became a very famous
beanie after his
introduction. There
were many sites, just
about this adorable

Goochy was first
produced in a light
green, blue, and
purple array of colors,
but are now found
with light red, orange,
and yellow on him.

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Goochy the Jellyfish

Swirl, swish, squirm and wiggle 
Listen closely, hear him giggle 
The most ticklist jellyfish you'll ever meet 
Even though he has no feet!

Goochy the Jellyfish was introduced January 1, 1999.
Goochy the Jellyfish is a current beanie baby.

Goochy's Birthday is December 18, 1998.

Price Guide
5th Generation Hang Tag - $ 5

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