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Style #4010

Chosen for obvious reasons
as the give-away promotion
for two Chicago Cubs home
games (May 18, 1997 and
September 6, 1997,) Cubbie
is one of the nine original
beanie babies.

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Cubbie the Bear

Cubbie used to eat crackers and honey
And what happened to him was funny
He was stung by fourteen bees
Now Cubbie eats broccoli and cheese.

Cubbie the Bear was introduced in 1994.
Cubbie the Bear retired January 1, 1998.

His birthday is November 14, 1993.

Price Guide
1st Generation Hang Tag - $ 200
2nd Generation Hang Tag - $ 150
3rd Generation Hang Tag - $ 75
4th Generation Hang Tag - $ 20
5th Generation Hang Tag - $ 20

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