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Style #4247

Knuckles adds to a group
with Gigi, Spooky, Hippity,
Hoppity and Floppity who
are both non-bear beanies
that have ribbons on them.
Knuckles ribbon is blue.
He is the second pig of the
collection. The first is
Squealer, who was one of
the original nine beanies.

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Knuckles the Pig

In the kitchen working hard,
Using ingredients from the yard,
No one will eat it, can you guess why?
Her favorite recipe is for mud pie!

Knuckles the Pig was introduced April 1999.
Knuckles the Pig is a current beanie baby.

Knuckles's Birthday is March 25, 1999.

Price Guide
5th Generation Hang Tag - $ 10

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