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Style #4200

"Get your 1997 Teddy while
you can!" was the cry of
the serious Beanie Hunters.
A 1997 limited edition
Beanie, he is similar to
New Face Brown Teddy with
a lighter colored brown
fabric. Loyal Internet
Watchers noticed that on
the official Ty website on
announcement day, 1997
Teddy was pictured wearing
a red bow tied around his
neck. His actual debut on
the store shelves, however,
showed him sporting a
handsome red scarf.

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1997 Teddy

Beanie Babies are special no doubt
All filled with love - inside and out
Wishes for fun times filled with joy
Ty's holiday teddy is a magical toy!

1997 Teddy the Bear was introduced
October 1, 1997.
1997 Teddy the Bear retired January 1, 1998.

His birthday is December 25, 1996.

Price Guide
4th Generation Hang Tag - $ 35

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