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Style #4020

Legs will never see the
dramatic increases in
secondary value as most
of the other October 1,
1997 retirees. He was
much more plentiful. The
first and second
generation tags, however,
are a true collector's

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Legs   the   Frog

Legs lives in a hollow log
Legs loves to play leap frog
If you like to hang out at the lake
Legs will be the new friend you make!

Legs the Frog was introduced in 1994.
Legs the Frog retired October 1, 1997.

His birthday is April 25, 1993.

Price Guide
1st Generation Hang Tag - $ 125
2nd Generation Hang Tag - $ 100
3rd Generation Hang Tag - $ 45
4th Generation Hang Tag - $ 20

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