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Style #4043

Originally quite abundant,
recent months have seen a
real decrease in the number
of Bumbles available on the
secondary market. Bumble is
the only beanie where the 
fourth generation tag
commands a higher dollar
than the third generation.
This is because he was
retired shorty after the 
switch over from old to new 

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Bumble   the   Bee

Bumble the bee will not sting you
It is only love that this bee will bring you
So don't be afraid to give this bee a hug
Because Bumblee the bee is a love-bug.

Bumble the Bee was introduced in 1996.
Bumble the Bee retired in 1996.

His birthday is October 16, 1995.

Price Guide
3rd Generation Hang Tag - $ 525
4th Generation Hang Tag - $ 575

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