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Style #4226

Millennium has three
variations to him
#1: Hang Tag: Millenium Tush Tag: Millenium #2: Hang Tag: Millenium Tush Tag: Millennium #3: Hang Tag: Millennium Tush Tag: Millennium Numbers 1 and 2 are no longer produced, but number 3 is the currently made Millennium, which has the correct spelling of the word.

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Millennium the Bear

A brand new century has come to call
Health and happiness to one and all
Bring on the fireworks and all the fun
Let's keep the party going 'til 2001
Millennium the Bear was introduced January 1, 1999.
Millennium the Bear is a current beanie baby.

Millennium's Birthday is January 1, 1999.

Price Guide
5th Generation Hang Tag - $ 15

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