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Win Lizzy!

This Month, we are having special contests.
Every Week, there will be three sites to join
free or visit that makes money for this site
and after you join, you can start making money,
too. We are hoping to raise enough money this
month to buy a Britannia to giveaway.
95% of the money this site makes this month is
going towards buying a great prize to give away.
The other 5% will go to maintaining the site.
The more people that enter these contests, the
better prize I will be able to give away.

This Week, we have one site to click on and join.
It is free to join.

Money Meter
This shows how much money has been made as of now.
Right now, the prize will be Spangle.
But we still have 1 week left to raise more.
$ 10
$ 20
$ 50
$ 70
$ 75

Current Beanie

Pecan the Bear

Spangle the Bear

New Face Teddy

Maple the Bear

Britannia the Bear


Site #1:

Get Paid!

This site pays people with websites.
If you don't have a website, you can't join.
If you do, please please join this site.
You will get no spam and its free.
A dollar goes into the contest for every
person that joins.

After you joined Commission Junction or if you don't have a website of any kind, enter your name and e-mail and hit submit. Entry Form



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